Thursday, March 23, 2006

Survey about computer science

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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Montreal is Canada's second-largest city, behind only Toronto. Most people speak two languages: French and English. But, they are very happy to serve you in either language.
Furthermore, this city has almost three million people but it’s very easy to circulate by car. In downtown, you can see the beautiful buildings and the old architecture. Most parks are designed to play some sports or just to relax. A casino is there for those who want to play different machines.

To conclude, don’t forget to visit the Olympic's Stadium and casino when you go to Montreal.

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My survey:

Survey Report on Computer Science

Purpose of the Survey

This report shows the results about Computer Science abilities. The goal is to know the student’s habits. Of course, we wanted to know what did their principal utility when they use a computer.


The survey was done in group of two. We did ten questions: nine multiple-choice questions and one open-ended question. The number of respondents is fifteen and we did our survey at Most respondents were females and they have a computer.


The responses show that seven students use computer seven to nine times a week. Furthermore, nine students respond that the principal computer utility is the chat.
Six students prefer to create drawing with Microsoft Paints. In addition, the result shows that thirteen students prefer to search by Internet then to go library. To finish, eight students have only one computer at home and use Internet Explorer.


Most students have used computer since many years, so they are able to use some basic programs. I did a question about drawing program and I found that users are just able to use Microsoft Paint. In addition, all students show their computer’s power. When I saw the result, I understood the answers. Their computers are too old to have Adobe Photoshop.


To conclude, I reached my goal to know if students are able to use a computer. I learn more about student’s habits and computer’s works. I am very surprised when I saw the result about the time occupied by a computer. I found that we have a lack of respondents. Only fifteen students have responded and this is not enough to represent English courses. To finish, I liked to do this survey and to recollect information by Internet.